What is Smaily?

Smaily is a super easy and convenient tool for creating and sending email messages online to help increase your business’ marketing campaign quality and efficiency, while reducing preparation time and resources.

The system is designed for users and marketers, with no prior email marketing experience as well as designers, who need enough creative space.


Smaily makes the tedious technical work an enjoyable creative process and offers enough options to provide a solution for the majority of business needs.

We provide full portfolio of services – starting from helping setting up your first campaign, to providing full content and design services, integrations, consultation for best customer targeting and help nailing down campaign statistics.

Here at Smaily, we believe that every business, no matter how small, deserves a chance to create great marketing campaigns.


Leader in Estonia, Smaily is the only company in the Nordic and Baltic region to offer such services at an affordable price, with no compromise to quality.

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Marili Markus

Customer Support

Liisa Rikanson

Customer Support

Erkki Markus

Sales Manager

Tanel Rand

Sales Manager

Kait Todesk

Lead Developer

Janar Todesk

Full-stack Developer

Ra Mänd

Full-stack Developer

Mihkel Väin

Full-stack developer

Inna Rand

HTML Specialist


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Our Story

An artificial intelligence in tracking customer behavior

Smaily (formerly Sendsmaily) founder Erkki Markus has started the company back in 2005. At the time, email marketing was just a term, used by large global organizations, with very little interest about things happening in Baltics.


At the time, the focus was mainly on custom websites and web development. But for Erkki, it wasn’t enough. He wanted to help more customers achieve their marketing goals on the internet. One-time website development didn’t provide consistency and scalability, while email marketing allowed clear measurement of campaigns and creation of segmentation.


So, after quick deliberation in the website development world, Erkki decided to focus on one thing – email marketing. And to do it right! Erkki’s vision was to simplify things and make email marketing accessible not only to designers and front end programmers, but to marketers and small businesses, who wanted to take their marketing to another level.


In 2011, Tanel Rand, a visionary in advertising and marketing, also a cofounder of one of the strongest advertising agencies in Estonia, joined Erkki to do great things. And so it started, from being a small one man company, Smaily has a team of 8 people now – developers, customer support, sales etc. In addition, Smaily has partnerships with content management companies, as well as number of designers, advertising and web development agencies and others, to make sure that everything just works.


Our customers range from freelance designers and SME’s to large international organizations. With our flexible pricing and services strategy, we can accommodate our customers’ needs and provide consultation for further growth.


Our customers include Kaubamaja Group (Selver, I.L.U etc), Express Group (Delfi, EPL etc), Hansab, Maxima, Prisma, Felix, Kalev, Liviko, Elisa, ONOFF, Expert, Aurinko, G4S, Viasat, Saku, If Insurance, Sportland, Apollo, CV-Online, Osta.ee, Starman, Postimees, Äripäev and hundreds of others.


Today, Smaily is the email marketing leader in Estonia and on the shortlist in Baltics and Scandinavia.